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The early years

Dog, young and cute owning the chair

You can call me cute all your want, but the chair is mine!





Puppy Dog destroys plastic ball and blames it on a beam of light

OMG so glad you came, this beam of light came suddenly and exploded the ball!





Puppy Dog destroys ballpen

Engineering, that's all about dismantling stuff and something else...I could become an engineer.









All grown up...

If you can't eat it or play with it, pee onnit and walk away!

Dog animation. Dog walking away.





Dog wearing surgical mask





On the Internet nobody knows you're a dog, nobody.

Animation of a dog dancing on its hind legs





Most good things in life are mutually exclusive, it's very hard to carry a sock in your mouth and chase insects at the same time.





If I do catch that car, what will I do with it?

Animation of a dog sitting down





Surgically masked dog sitting next to Bernie Sanders

Don't you worry Ernie, the dawg has your back!





Squirrels are just tennis balls thrown by god.





If you wanted that ball...why did you throw it?





Animation of dog scratching itself






Dog introductions, this is Charlie

This is Charlie, I like him a lot, he can chew on my favorite shoe anyday.





Dog introductions, this is Robbie

This is Robbie, he's a greek streetdog, I like him alot he's very street.





Dog introductions, this is Enzo

This is Enzo, named after Enzo Ferrari, he is by far the fastest dog in the park. His ego is not bloated, it's appropriate.





Dog introductions, this is Ozzy

This is Ozzy, named after Ozzy Osborne, when you're this big ego isn't an issue. I like to hang with Ozzy, the world feels safer when I know he's got my back.





Dopperman pinch Charlie ruling the local pond

This is Big Charlie, he's toothless but definitely not spineless.

Some tribes have many many words for snow, you really only need one...LOVELY!.