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EyeBro BETA Test programme 



We'd like to make the development of EyeBro community driven, that is, you get to decide what features you want in the product.



You do not need to sign up in order to participate.

All you need to do is to download the software, try it out the ways you see fit, and submit your feedback.


There is no particular form required of the feedback, no silly forms to fill in, but here's a few guides.


If your feedback contains defect/bug reports:


  • Please include screenshots, the actual resolution, size and coloring of the area being processed is extremely important to EyeBro and to our ability to resolve/improve the defect.
  • No detail is small. The more detailed you can describe the problem the better our chances are, of fixing the right thing.


If your feedback contains new features:


  • Please include screenshots, handrawing on the back of a napkin is always superior to words.
  • If usage isn't obvious (how and when is the feature used), please take a momemt to explain what the benefit is. We all use software differently, what is obvious to some isn't universal.



You can send your feedback to Jes directly: jesthebestdog@gmail.com


Please indicate in your email if you would be willing to enage in a conversation about the features, e.g. is it ok if we write you back with questions about your feedback?


Put something like "You can reply to this" in the email so we know that you are willing to engage in conversation, otherwise we will assume you are not, and we will not email you.


There is no requirement to actively engage in the programme and submitting a one-time review for the software is just as appreciated as any other feedback we can gather.



You can also submit your feedback in the discussion forum of our channel.


Channel Discussion Forum





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