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Dependency properties in XAML.



XAML markup contains some very powerful features allowing you to connect one property directly to the value of another property.

Binding Text elements to other controls and their values, here we bind the slider value directly to the text box.




Here we bind the state of the checkbox directly to the enabled state of the combo.

With zero code we can turn the combo on or off depending on the state of the checkbox




Control manipulation in XAML.



Setting containerstyle properties on lists.


Certain properties within a ListBox is determined by the ItemContainerStyle rather than the ItemStyle itself. One such property is the margin of each item in a list.




Image Processing.



Creating, rotating and zooming an image.




Creating an BitmapSource from an area of the screen.


This example uses the GDI+ system from WinForms as this isn't supported in WPF. The final image is a WPF BitmapSource that can be assigned directly to the Source propertry of an WPF Image.